Peru 2004

My vacation to Peru started off like all my other vacations…..long plane ride. But let’s not forget all the vaccinations and preventatives I had to have before I went. Vaccination for Yellow Fever, Malaria pills, and assorted other medications I took with me just in case. OK once a nurse always a nurse. I flew from Chicago to Miami then on to Lima Peru. A little bumpy, but landed in one piece. I waited in the Lima airport for my friends Maria and Kathy to come in on their flight. From the airport we went to a bed and breakfast in Lima. The next morning we started our adventure in Peru.

Peru is a land of forgotten temples entangled in jungle vines, cobwebbed imperial tombs baking in the desert sun and ancient treasures beyond reckoning. Wild rivers that rage around Cuzco, pumas that prowl in the night and shaman rituals that are centuries old. Even Inca warriors and Spanish conquistadors didn’t stand a lasting in this wild terrain. No one could completely appreciate the terrain,…

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