Red Flag Instincts in Relationships – 3 Tips to Activate Your Self Preserving Instincts in Dating

We all grow up with an innate instinct for self preservation. As we develop and mature, we become more aware of potential threats to our well being emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically. Unfortunately, we also learn to talk ourselves out of responding to our instincts at times, and this can hurt us in relationships. If you have ended up in an emotionally abusive or otherwise toxic relationship, your instincts may be chronically activated, causing you to ignore the feelings of alarm, discomfort, or agitation that are occurring. As you contemplate any potential romantic partner, it is important to be as in tune as possible with your red flag instinctual response. Here are 3 tips for reactivating your instincts in dating relationships:

1. Take care of yourself physically. The more you begin to get in touch with your physical self, the better for reading its messages. Eat right, focusing on organic and unprocessed foods whenever possible. Take vitamins and supplements…

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