Serving Melon As a First Course or Appetizer

Let me start by saying that le melon (pronounced meh-lon) is similar to cantaloupe. In France this fruit is smaller, more compact and concentrated version of cantaloupe. It juicy, sweet and very refreshing during the hot, humid, heavy heated days of French summer.

Melon is easy to serve: slice open, remove seeds, serve. But you can do more than serve it au naturel. While sweet and juicy, it can be accompanied with either sweet or savory additions. Here are a few most common ways to serve it in France. Mind you the French serve this fruit as a first course, not as an accompaniment to the main course like sometimes seen on the American dinner table.

Also, you don’t really see melon for breakfast (again very American). Sometimes you find some sliced up in a fruit salad for dessert, but honestly, I wouldn’t say that you’d find a lot of it in the fruit salad (probably that leftover slice or two that no one could manage at lunchtime. If you believe that even possible!)

Serving in an alcohol…

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