Successful Beekeeping ABC’s by Terry Martyn Jr

The preservation of bees is imperative to our continued ability to grow food to feed the plant. Bees are the major pollinators on the plant. Did you know that raising bees can be a stress reduction strategy and can provide a wealth of education for adults and children alike. Raising bees allows you to provide gifts for family and friend, while providing healthy products good for your health. In this book the author discusses the benefits, steps to get started, supports, and other valuable information.

Chapter one looks at the benefits of raising bees, while chapter two addresses the steps to get started. The author discusses the cost involved in set up a bee colony; discusses how much space you will need; the impact of food and water to the hive; the impact of pets and other domestic creatures may have on the bee reproduction; how to manage wild animals, climate and neighbors; and list some important rules and regulations regarding beekeeping.

The next chapter focuses on the most…

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