The Benefits of Eating Honey After Meals

In my own opinion, honey is perhaps the oldest known type of food ever. There are records that date back to the Stone Age, where cave men would carry sticks in order to drive away the wild bees from attacking them when they try to harvest honey. Back in the old days, there are records of the ancient Greeks recommending honey as a staple diet for people who want to be healthy at all times. Even the Romans recognized the importance of eating honey and it became a commodity for the noble classes, most especially for the Roman leaders. Thousands of years have passed and yet honey, one of the most valuable agricultural products known in the market, is still being sought at as an important part of an everyday meal.

How is Honey Made Anyway?

Everyone knows that honey is the produce made by honeybees as a food source for their young. In the wild, honeybees collect nectar from different species of plants and flowers which becomes honey when they bring it back inside their hive. All the honey…

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