Tortola Bareboat: Party BVI Style

With constant warm trade winds to fill your sails, beautiful line-of-sight islands in every direction, turquoise blue waters and countless scenic anchorages, a Tortola bareboat charter is a healthy and relaxing way to rejuvenate your soul. But, it is also downright fun! The sixty islands that make up the British Virgin Islands feature an array of celebrations -both annually and spur the moment- that draw visitors from around the world to party. Every year, the BVI plays host to numerous types of parties ranging from religious celebrations, music festivals, fishing tournaments, sporting competitions to sailing regattas. From traditional to totally whimsical, almost year round, a party in paradise can be a part of your Tortola bareboat vacation.


The greatest party for those on a Tortola bareboat to be a part of is the annual Carnival celebration. Basically a street party, it is a fun mixture of party, theater, art and folklore tradition. The carnival in the BVI goes by two…

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