Ways to Improve Rice Production & Prevent Price Rise!

About half of the world population survives on rice. The Green Revolution in Asia that started in 1960s and introduced modern, high-yielding rice varieties resulted into a rapid rise in both rice yields and overall production. However, with increasing population, consumers too are increasing. Researchers and farmers have succeeded in producing enough cereal to meet the world rice consumption demand but till when? The recent decrease in world rice production and increase in its prices have again made the whole world think about ways to improve production so that the cost of the most common staple food could be controlled for the benefit of whole humankind. This situation can be improved with a little insightful approach about production techniques and cooperative attitude of the top rice producing countries of the world.

Steps to Improve Rice Production

They are interrelated- improve rice production to keep the price low by increasing area under cultivation or by increasing the yield…

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