Who Moved My Kimchi Smell?

Kimchi is not only one of the most important Korean side dishes which is also used in Korean stews and main entrees, but many, many of us love it’s one of a kind smell! I love my Kimchi and fried rice, and yes, the smell of frying kimchi is half the treat. I can’t imagine preparing and then staring at a dish of kimchi fried rice that imparts NO SMELL of kimchi. What sort of culinary nightmare is this?

Well, the apparent nightmare, much like your favorite movie without sound, with or without color, or a cup of joe in the morning void of coffee aromatics, is now a dream or nightmare come true depending on how you prefer your kimchi.

The side dish as it’s been served for hundreds of years is, for most of us kimchi connoisseurs, perfect with it’s pungent smell and even has it’s own National event called Kimjang. In preparation for the coldest months of the year, the entire Korean nation participates in the collection of ingredients, making, and storing of Kimchi for Um-dong (the coldest…

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