Why Merlot Wines Are So Popular

Merlot, or more properly Merlot Noir (as there is a Merlot Blanc) is fast becoming one of the most sought after red wine varieties, thanks to Bordeaux’s Pomerol and Saint-Emilion wines. It has an almost cult status in California, where more concentrated Bordeaux-style wines are produced. It is also on the increase in Australia, New Zealand Chile and even South Africa.

Merlot is the most commonly grown grape variety in France, and is one of the most widely planted in Bordeaux. It is a grape variety that has been on a massive expansion drive throughout the world in the past ten years. Merlot wines can be described as being smooth and rich with forest fruit aromas and flavours of plums, blackcurrants and damsons.

What makes Merlot so special?

  • It is adaptable to most soils and can withstand damp, clayey soils much better than Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • In the vineyard it buds and flowers early resulting in an earlier harvest.
  • It is a moderately vigorous high yielding grape variety that requires…

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