Wu Long Tea Qing Cha – The Blue Green Wonder Tea

Wulong tea is grown in the province of Jujian in China, and in Taiwan, and it is largely the most popular tea being served in China. It is said to have properties that no other tea can match.

Wu-Long means “black dragon,” and the legend tells us that a farmer who was looking for new flavors in his garden, was lost in thought when he saw spring out of a tea bush an enormous black snake of dragon. He was convinced that this was a sign from higher up. Quickly he grabbed a few leaves from the bush to taste them. This was the first Wu-long tea.

In fact Wu-long tea, sometimes spelled wulong or Oolong is the same as any other tea. Black tea, green tea, white tea, all come from the same bush. The differences in flavors are due to several reasons, first the land and geography as well as climate of where the tea is grown. Secondly the fermentation process that tea is subjected to during drying. Wulong tea is not permitted to ferment totally, but it is more fermented that…

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