3 Benefits of Using a Test Sieve Shaker for Particle-Size Analysis

The automated test sieve shaker plays an important role in many Quality Control programs. Quality managers from a wide range of manufacturing settings, including those found in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food processing industries, rely on mechanized test sieve shakers to ensure that the products they produce are of consistent quality and composition, regardless of when or where they are produced. This is because these shakers are the key to conducting effective particle-size analysis using sieve testing methods.

The first automated test sieve shaker was introduced to the market in the early 1900s. Prior to that time, sieve testing was a manual process which relied on human input in order to ascertain the relative size and distribution of particles within test samples. During testing, laboratory technicians had to “tap” or shake them by hand in order to separate larger particles from smaller ones in their quest to determine the overall composition of the sample being…

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