6 Secrets to the Most Fun Places to Eat in NYC

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple is an entertaining and satisfying experience. There are so many places to go in the city that it can make your taste buds go into overdrive. But if you’re like me, New York City is always calling my name and persuading me to visit again and again. This famous place known for making dreams come true is also quite famous for its culinary experiences. And that is what I love about eating in New York. Whether it’s catching a hot dog in Manhattan on your way to a show, finding a little hidden away Tai restaurant in Chinatown or even hitting a chic supper club like Jekyll and Hyde right in the city, it’s no secret that the sky is the limit for fabulous food.

1. Gorilla Cheese NYC:

I love a good trend and I also love a good grilled cheese sandwich There is a place in our hometown whose menu centers around this all-time favorite so I wanted to check out NYC’s version that goes on the road. Gorilla Cheese NYC is one of the most famous food trucks in the…

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