7 Sustainable Diet Secrets

1. Use the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Silly. The idea of simplicity when it comes to losing weight may come as a surprise because we get lost in the drama of our diet story. The do and don’t rules, restrictions and limitations of a quick fix diet abound when we’re confronting those extra 20 pounds and are desperate to lose it. And I understand reacting in crisis mode having been there myself one too many times.

But there’s a mindset worth nurturing that will help you every day, crisis or not, to make simple changes that take almost no effort yet benefit the bottom line, your weight. After all, weight gain comes down to a simple idea. More calories in than needed, the excess is stored as fat. It doesn’t get more complicated than that and yet many women forget or overlook applying the Kiss idea in their daily lives especially regarding eating.

What are some ways you can use kiss as your guide. cut down on consumption, lose weight and rethink how you eat and manage your diet?

2. Try…

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