A Sociologist’s Insights: 5 Tips for Healthy and Long-Lasting Relationships and Marriages

Statistically, divorce rates are rather low at present. Compared with the 1950s (a period which many people compare contemporary family life with since it was supposedly more idyllic), the current divorce rate of 40-50% seems very high. The collective feeling that relationships and marriages don’t last like they used to is dominant in many people’s minds. We witness breakups and divorces in our families, circles of friends, at work, etc. quite frequently. And we ask ourselves, “How do I make sure this doesn’t happen to me?”

Here are five concrete tips how you can increase your marriage’s and relationship’s life expectancy:

1. Don’t take yourself too important!

Remember that you are committed to maintaining a bond between you and your partner. Egotistic values often stand in the way. Historically, the relationships and marriages we find ourselves in have come a long way. Stephanie Coontz researched the history of marriage and found that emotion wasn’t the basis for entering a marriage…

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