Finding the Best Western Food in Kathmandu

So you find yourself in Kathmandu after a hard trek and you are fed up of rice and lentils, had enough of noodles or just perhaps a bit home sick. You may be craving some simple steamed vegetables or a crisp salad but you have no idea where to start looking, well I’m here to shed some light on the hidden treasures of Kathmandu’s culinary delights.

One doubts that there are many people in this world that travel and don’t crave pizza from time to time. At one stage you could not get a decent pizza in Nepal, nowadays there are a host of restaurants that make pretty dam good wood fired pizza’s, in fact, dare I say better than we can get at home!! But like all good things in life, there is a price. Pizza’s range from 300 to 550 rupees depending on the toppings! The best place to get pizza is Fire and Ice which somewhat of an institution in Thamel. A great place to relive the highlights of your trek with friends, while enjoying a delicious pizza and beverage of choice.

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