Garden – Get in on the Good Vibrations Gardening Offers

The Earth vibrates at an amazingly healing frequency.

In Clinton Ober’s Book “Earthing” he states that we are all electrical beings and so is the Earth. There exists a primordial relationship between Mother Earth and You. The electrical charges coming from the Earth are actually soothing, strengthening, and healing. Who would have thought!

David Wolfe, an author, speaker, and outspoken authority on healthy lifestyles believes the common shoe is perhaps the “world’s most dangerous invention.”

After fifteen years of research, he incriminates the shoe as one of the “most destructive culprits of inflammation and autoimmune diseases” because it puts a barrier between us and the healing energy of the Earth. If you think about it, most shoes are insulated from the Earth by rubber and plastic products. When we put gloves on unless they are made out of leather or natural fibers, we insulate ourselves from the healing vibrations of the Earth. I realized that most of my gardening apparel is…

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