How to Give Your Baby Parrot a Bath

The time has come to give your baby parrot that first bath.

Baby parrots do get dirty pretty soon. Smelly too!

As babies, they haven’t yet learned to clean their beak before they groom, and so frequently carry over quite a lot of food from their beak to their feathers while acquiring their essential preening skills. Baby birds are going to require a few baths before weaning. Unlike adult birds, they can’t rely on a plentiful supply of powder down to trap dirt and then fall off their body. Furthermore a baby’s feathers aren’t as protective as they’ll become for an adult parrot.

Baby parrots have a low resistance to germs and bacteria during their first year, i.e. while their immune system is building up. Be very careful about the bacteria present on our hands. The first thing to keep in mind when handling your baby bird is having washed your hands thoroughly.

Here’s a way to go about giving your baby a bath.

Before the actual fist bath, make sure you’ve planned a few visit to the unknown…

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