How to Make Dragon Fruit Cider and Cider Vinegar

Cider usually refers to beverage made from apple extract. The taste is sweet with a blend of little alcohol. Fermented and unfermented versions exist but the first dominates the market. Acetic acid fermentation convert it to cider vinegar.

Dragon fruit is popular for its many health benefits. Many farmers engaged in dragon fruit production due to high demand and high market price. However, almost half of the produce is wasted due to low quality fruits. Wastage problems could be solved by processing.

A series of process can turn dragon fruits to cider and cider vinegar.

1. Good quality fruits are the best option but fruits with scar and broken peel can be selected as ingredients. Dragon fruits are expensive commodity. Choosing fruit with peel damaged reduces recipe cost by half.

2. Wash the fruit with running water. Cut into quarters. Remove the flesh by pulling of the peel with bare hands. Blend it in a waring blender using low speed setting. High setting breaks the small seeds…

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