How to Make Healthy Starter Recipes

Starters are what you serve people before their main meal. You can also serve starter recipes at buffets and other kinds of get-togethers and parties. There are lots of different kinds of starter recipes – you can combine a couple of ingredients to make a basic starter or spend hours fiddling with complicated ones. Classic starters including dishes like prawn cocktail, vol au vents, sausage rolls and more. But these are not healthy options.

If you are watching your figure or just want want to make some healthy choices about starter recipes, you have plenty of scope. What about making a soup recipe or a chicken salad?

Buffet Starters

If you are catering for a buffet instead of a dinner party, you will want to make finger food but there is lots of choice with that as well. You can make a fresh fruit salad, a rice salad with vegetables, guacamole or salsa with vegetable crudites and lots more.

If you are serving chopped vegetables for dipping, you an make a homemade hummus or a spicy…

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