Indian Recipe – Perfect For an Adventurous Palate

Indian recipe is a flavorful mix of good food, tasty dishes, and healthy beverages that Indians believe help attain a sound, well-balanced spiritual, physical and emotional state. Although mostly vegetarian, Indian cuisine also has some non-vegetarian offerings also succulent and as healthy as the vegan offerings. Indian non-vegetarian recipes extensively use chicken, fish, and a sprinkling of poultry and meat dishes.

Chicken is perhaps the most popular meat of choice in Indian cuisine as it is used with many things for a variety of recipes. The traditional Indian biryani, an Indian fried rice mixed with various herbs and spices like tomatoes and ginger, are sometimes served with roasted chicken on top. It is a basic Indian rice meal usually spiced up and made more flavorful with chicken.

There’s a whole array of chicken meals in Indian recipes. Chicken drumsticks, chicken curry, butter chicken, chicken Afgani and chicken Danuba are just some of the selections.

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