Leftovers Makeover

People have no consensus about leftover food. Yet, leftovers are a fact of American life: Is it a good meal to be experienced again, or an economic necessity to eat it once more? Only one other choice remains: Waste the food by tossing it out.

Personally, I welcome leftovers for another meal. I microwave them in under two minutes, plus there are no pots and pans to clean up. The flip side view: After you pack leftover food back into your refrigerator, it stares you in the face each time you open the refrigerator door: “Eat me; bon appetite!” I know someone who refrigerates leftovers to avoid the guilt of throwing out good food. Yet, she will not eat them. Her decision to throw them out a week later is made for her because she sees (or imagines) fuzz and smallpox-like appendages on the leftover food. “Yeah, I had throw them out. They went bad on me.”

A good meal does not go bad on you. Somehow, you have harbored ill will toward your food because it is no longer fresh from the cooking…

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