List of Ingredients Used in Konkani Food

The fact that you are reading this already elevates you to the position of a food lover; curious enough to go beyond the typical Konkani image of miles of beaches thronged by tourists who are sunbathing and drinking. You are ready to dig deeper and unravel the mystery behind the spicy and aromatic food of the region.

Of course, since we are talking about the cuisine of a coastal area, coconut and seafood are obvious ingredients in the preparation of any meal; however, region and seasons also play an important part in the selection of the rest of the ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of the common, and some not so common, ingredients used in Konkani food.

A. Spices: Indian food is incomplete without an assortment of spices and the local cuisine uses them generously, giving the dishes a distinctive flavor.

ยท Black pepper: Piper Nigrum, or black pepper, is used extensively in Indian cooking. In India, it is grown mainly in South India. The fruits of the plant, known as peppercorns,…

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