Malaysian Food and Top Ten Must Eats

Eating is a favourite pastime in Malaysia. I don’t know if it was a Malaysian who coined the term ‘live to eat’, but other than visiting the mall, Malaysians eat, eat and eat. In fact, we eat at anytime of the day. Or night. Or even midnight. Yes, there are plenty of 24 hours restaurants called ‘mamaks’ that cater to our midnight hunger pangs. In fact, the stereotype of a Malaysian is that he eats not just during breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in between as well! This used to be such a problem in civil service that the government had to eliminate brunch time in order to increase productivity!

In fact, in Malaysia, very often people do not say, “How are you?”. Instead, they say, “Sudah makan?”, which means, “Have you eaten?”

It’s not surprising that Malaysia is truly a paradise for food lovers. Being a multi cultural and multi racial society, not only do we have the best food from each culture, cultural integration produces even more types of foods.

Let me introduce to you the…

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