Organic Restaurants Turn Fast Food Into Great Food

Are you in a fast food lunch rut? Have you eaten the same burger and fries every day for a week? Getting that same old Caesar salad again today?

You know why you do it. It’s quick and it’s cheap. But did you know that you can get a fast, cheap, great tasting lunch that’s also good for you at an organic restaurant?

Organic restaurant choices in the East Village area abound. Long known to be vegetarian friendly, many East Village restaurants have embraced new organic food options with relish. Armed with fresh, chemical free ingredients, chefs have created lunch menus to appeal to even the most dedicated burger-addict.

Organic lunches taste better than fast food

The food has no choice but to be better at organic restaurants. Without all those nasty preservatives to extend shelf life, produce and dairy products have to be fresh. Some even have delivery contracts with local producers, meaning that the egg on your plate just arrived this morning, straight…

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