Product Review – Robin Hood Best For Blending Flour

Homemade gravy without lumps? White sauce without fat? That’s the kind of question that crossed my mind when I came across Robin Hood’s Best For Blending Flour. The company calls it “a granular flour that blends easier into wet or dry ingredients” and “an ideal thickening agent for sauces and gravies”. Sounds good, but does it live up to its description?On the whole, yes.

I first tried RHBFBF (that’s the quickest way to refer to it!) for thickening gravy. Two tablespoons of it dissolved easily into a cup of combined turkey drippings and water, and as I heated and stirred, it all turned into a not too thick, not too thin gravy. (Next time, though, I’d use broth instead of water, purely for more flavor.)

To make white sauce, I whisked two tablespoons of RHBFBF into a cup of cold milk and heated it, whisking all the time. As before, the flour disappeared into the liquid instantly, but the mixture took time and heat to thicken. And I did have to keep stirring. Still, it was a gentler,…

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