Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen – How They Benefit Your Health

Royal jelly and bee pollen are two of the many natural products from bees which work side by side in providing wonderful health benefits for humans. These natural foods nourish and revitalize one’s body making it one of the most favorite food supplements of all time. Believe it or not, these super foods are said to be very effective in providing so many health benefits to the point that they can provide you with a longer and more enjoyable life.

What is royal jelly and bee pollen anyway?

Royal jelly is a complex chemical structure produced by the young nurse bees as larva food. The larvae eat the royal jelly as their only food for two to three days during their maturation stage. When a queen larva is born, she starts to eat the royal jelly for the rest of her life. It’s her only food and nothing else is fed to her other than royal jelly even when she becomes the colony’s queen someday. The ordinary worker bee larvae reach their maximum development after the three days feeding period….

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