Soul Food Recipes – Top 3 Questions On Cooking Healthy Soul Food Recipes

Soul food recipes continue to maintain popularity among consumers. The Great Recession is credited for the growing popularity. Because the dishes have the reputation of sticking to the ribs or having staying power. For example, eating the average soul food meal stays with the average person 2 to 3 hours longer than Chinese food. And it stays up to an hour longer than Italian food, which came in second place in this University of California study.

These recipes have helped many African American families make it through the hardest times in this Nations history. Many medical professionals have questioned the health concerns of traditional this traditional southern cuisine. Why? Because of the high salt, fat and calorie content. But like most cuisines that stand the test of time, It’s adapting to the changing concerns of consumers.

Now healthy soul food is one of the fastest growing cuisines. You can now find more restaurants, food manufacturers and even recipe website publishers…

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