The Benefits of a Wok Burner

A Wok Burner is becoming a familiar site in many UK households. Although primarily it is an appliance used in the far east for cooking Asian foods. It is a bowl-shaped utensil used for stir-frying, braising, boiling, & deep-frying. They are a great combination to create some really nice recipes and food that actually is very good for you.

Thecombined system provides a cooking system that can cook food very quickly. Generally, fresh ingredients are used, they retain most of their nutritional value due to the speed in which they are cooked. Food cooked using a wok burner stays fresh and still has a bite to it. In fact, you can cook lots of other foods too – you can even smoke food if you like.

In the far east, the wok and wok burner is the centre of the kitchen, in fact, you will find that for the majority of food prepared, nothing else is used. In the Asian families, they produce feast using fresh ingredients, a wok, wok burner and a cleaver. They are very easy to use – the key really…

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