The New Generation Gap

I was having a conversation with my nephew, of the Millennial generation (b1982-2003?), at Thanksgiving dinner and realized that there’s a major misunderstanding between the Millennials (Mills) and the older generations. The Mills don’t want to listen to the older generations because we are

  • so cynical
  • constantly communicating that America is doomed.

I want to dispel the rumor that America is doomed. Perhaps we are up-a-creek without a paddle; however, this is normal. We seem to find are way up that creek like clockwork, every 80 years or so, since this country was formed. America will come out on top and we as a country are headed to a new and better future. What I have been trying to communicate, since 2003, to the Mills and anyone else that would listen is that

  • we were headed into a financial crisis and an era that can be defined as Winter;
  • the Winter era would be very difficult and life as we knew it would change.

What I haven’t communicated is that we will be fine when this is…

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