The Paleo Diet, What Is It?

Have you heard about this “caveman” or Paleo diet? If you’re like me, the first time I heard “eating like a caveman,” I pictured someone ripping chunks of raw meat off a large carcass that had just been killed with a spear. And honestly, the Paleo diet does have a lot to do with that, only it also involves cooking and table manners.

The general conjured image of the caveman is of a hairy, savage fighting off wooly mammoths. In truth, the caveman did have to struggle to survive and as a result was lean and strong, eating only what could be hunted or gathered from his surroundings. This included lean meats, seafood, birds or fowl, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Our prehistoric ancestors were constantly on the move and farming or raising livestock were not even concepts.

The current-day Paleo Diet stems from this ancient way of eating – lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. It assumes that we are biologically suited to eating the way these ancient ancestors of ours did. They ate…

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