The Tea Room Business Plan – Sales, Promotion and Public Relations

As a tea wholesaler, you can have the best tea room with the highest quality products and service but if you don’t promote the business properly, your chances of success will be reduced.

The best way to promote the tea room as a value added wholesale business and increase revenue is to develop a plan with a limited number of steps and work the plan with focus sustained effort. Having already developed a profile of the ideal customer in a limited geographic area the plan may take the following steps.


Many people are averse to selling because the term sales connotes a high pressure, huckster like effort that results in significant rejection and stress. The core of selling however is identifying those buyers that have a sincere interest in the product/service offered and only require education about the features and benefits of the offering. Selling for tea rooms is more an education and awareness of prospects that are more inclined to visit as they learn more.

Having already…

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