Top 5 Ways to Choose Healthy Indian Food

ONE: Choose an Authentic Indian Restaurant

Many Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom have changed their recipes to suit the taste buds of the British mouth. This has often led to curries becoming an unhealthy option contributing to the growing obesity problem in the UK and unfairly labeling Indian food as unhealthy ‘take away’, alongside doner kebabs and fish and chips. But authentic Indian cooking is nothing of the sort. Authentically prepared and cooked Indian food uses high quality, lean meat and low fat ingredients, and is actively good for you! If you choose an authentic Indian restaurant, you can enjoy healthy Indian food.

TWO: Choose a Tandoori

Did you know that choosing Tandoori is one of the best ways to eat healthily when you visit an Indian take away or restaurant? Of course, we believe that you should always choose an authentic Indian restaurant in the first place, but look to the Tandoori section of the menu for some of the best healthy choices.

These are heavily…

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