Travel Destination Greece – The Island of Corfu

Greece is one of the most preferred travel destinations in the world. It is a country that can offer its visitors not only modern hotel resorts and splendid beaches, but also a rich historical background. A part from the many places you can visit in the continental part of the Greek land, you can also enjoy a wonderful vacation spent on some of the many islands there. The Greek islands will offer you something different from the usual, you can enjoy the beautiful nature, the clean beaches, the sea water, you can hike to places that are hard to reach with car but deserves to be seen or you can just enjoy the Greek cuisine.

The island of Corfu is one of the most famous tourist places in Greece. The name of Corfu comes from the myth about the nymph that has been kidnapped by god Poseidon.

After the collapse of the Byzantium under the pressure of the greedy crusaders, which were going to free the Holy grounds but on the way preferred the treasures of Constantinople, the island of Corfu…

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