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I’m a travel writer. I usually travel alone,

but my family sometimes comes with me.

It’s diffi cult because they always have a

lot of bags – look at this photo of our trip

to Ecuador! There are eight people and

there are about fifteen bags! In my sister’s

bags there are three jackets, four or five

jumpers, seven pairs of trousers and two

dresses. There are six or seven books too.

She never travels without books. In my

husband’s bag there’s a pair of boots, a

pair of shoes and a pair of sandals! And his

maps – he loves maps and he always takes

maps on trips.

But when I travel alone, I take a very small

suitcase. There’s a pocket for my travel

documents and inside there are two parts –

one for clothes and one for my laptop.

I never travel without my laptop! That’s it!

When you are travelling with children,

family holidays need planning. We

organise clubs, activities and supervision

for children of all ages. As a result, they

have a great time and you don’t have to

worry about a thing. Children love…

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