Wealth: What It Means

The news is regularly filled with economic concerns. One day the imminent collapse of economies is predicted, another day a rosier view is entertained. Statements on national wealth, where a country stands in this or that league table, frequently appear, especially after a government declaration on the state of national finances. We accept as fact descriptions of how economies function, never doubting the wisdom of authorities and their representatives. At stake is national pride and influence, the personal happiness of citizenry convinced, with immense justification, that economical competitiveness is essential to their and their loved-ones present and future well-being. Threats of unemployment, which tend to hit specific employment areas, confirm this.

This article will consider the present approach to economic issues, debating how realistic many of them are. It will look at the philosophic and historical basis of economic ideas.

Ancient History:

Aristotle’s understanding of…

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