What’s a Whole Food Supplement?

The reason why whole food supplements have started quickly gaining popularity is because many people are finally beginning to educate themselves on the supplements they’re taking and how their bodies process them. You see, most supplements are synthetic isolates of the real vitamins and minerals that your body can’t utilize and absorb very well.

Most multivitamins and other supplements made from poor synthetic isolates have less than 50% efficacy, meaning that less than half of the vitamin is absorbed by the body, and even less is actually used by the body. The rest of it is basically waste, depending on the quality of the synthetic. It’s starting to become common knowledge that the real thing is always better than a supplement. Eating a fresh orange is pretty much always better than popping a vitamin C pill, for example. Whole food supplements aim to be as close to the natural as possible, helping your body to absorb and utilize as much of the nutritional vitamin and mineral…

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