Yogurt Cacik and Raki Alkol

Yogurt Cacik is a meze mainly made by Turks and Greeks. It is usually eaten as appetizer with food with strong alcohol named Raki Alkol or Uozo. I use Danon yogurt and Yeni Raki for this combination mix.

1 lbs Danon Reduced Fat Plain Yogurt

2 Cucumbers


Olive Oil

Fresh Dill

Dry Red Pepper

Dump Yogurt into a medium pot. Add salt and mix with spoon to until the salt is all saturated.

Cut and peel the cucumbers. Cut peeled cucumbers in small chunks. Add cucumbers in the yogurt. Chop fresh dill in very small pieces. Add to the yogurt and mix well. Once the cucumbers and dill is saturated in the mix pour into small desert cups. Pour olive oil and a small dab of crushed red pepper. Move to refrigerator. It will need about 1 hour to get all the dill flavor in the mix. You can also use dry oregano, mint, sumak or any other crushed and dried spice of your choice. The spice on top of the olive oil serves as a decoration and a hint of taste.

Open your bottle of Raki. (Raki (a strong alkol…

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