Blue Stilton Cheese Serving Tips

Blue Stilton cheese is a versatile cheese, which is why it is preferred in a wide variety of starters and main courses. Although usually served in small chunks, the little European flavor in Stilton goes a long way. With just a click of the mouse, you will find hundreds of mouthwatering Blue Stilton recipe ideas in an instant!

Like all good cheeses, Stilton is best served at room temperature (20 degrees C or 68 degrees F). So if you are planning to serve this to your guests, try to get the cheese out of the fridge for an hour or so before serving in order to let its flavor develop. Stilton is usually served with crackers or a traditional plum loaf, but it is definitely a must for any cheese board.

You can also freeze this cheese, a quality that you rarely find in most cheeses. You can wrap it in several layers or cling film and a layer of foil and leave it frozen until three months. Again, you need to defrost the frozen Stilton first, preferably overnight, and allow it to reach room…

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