Chicken Tinola, The Slow But Sure Way

One of the healthy soups primed by most Filipino home chef is the chicken stew or locally called tinola. It is a soup-based dish cooked with chicken, slices of green papaya or chayote, chili pepper leaves, and flavored with ginger, onions and fish sauce.

Out of the usual fry and grill, why not spice up your chicken cravings and turn it into a savory dish? Chicken tinola is one of the Pinoy’s favorite dishes. Aside from being a relatively low cost meat compared to pork and beef, it is so easy to prepare.

And to fully enjoy the rich flavor and added goodness of meat and vegetables, cooking tinola in a slow cooker is definitely a good idea. Simmering tinola in low heat tenderizes the meat which makes it succulent to taste. Papaya or chayotes as main pieces of vegetables to be included are also suitably cooked so that children could also enjoy its supple consistency.

This idea enables even the busy moms to be full time home chefs even if they are busy somewhere else doing their own…

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