Cleansing Foods

Feeling physically bogged down? Find out how to rejuvenate your body by adding foods that will give you energy and nutrients, as well as help you get rid of toxins.

Just take a stroll in any department store or pharmacy past the familiar rows and rows of bottles and jars, shampoos, facial and body cleansers, toners, exfoliates, creams, lotions, for all ages from babies to the elderly. We put a lot of energy into cleaning and bathing the outsides of our bodies. Usually very little thought goes into what is going on inside our bodies, unless we become ill or feel pain. Most of us think that if we don’t consider ourselves really sick, everything is just fine. Symptoms like headaches or sinus congestion don’t really raise any red flags because we can still function and go to work, or take an over the counter medication to help us to not think about it. In western culture we are not used to seeing these symptoms as the body’s way of telling us something: that we may have some sort of…

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