Common Hindi Phrases While Visiting an Indian Restaurant

If you are planning on going to India anytime soon, you are probably going to want to eat. Learning how to order food at a restaurant is prerequisite to this. The phrases on this page will get you started with great phrases and sentences to use in an Indian restaurant.

Asking Questions

You might be befuddled by the menu, so never hesitate in asking some basic questions from the waiter.

Yeh kya hai? – What is this?

……. kitna hai? – How much is……?

Kitna kharch aayega? – How much does it cost?


Once seated, waiter will wait for your order. You can use these simple phrases for ordering.

Main chahonga…. – I would like

Kya aapke paas.. – Do you have…?

Main loonga…… – I will take…..

When you are done ordering, waiter can ask anything else: “kuch aur chahiye?” You can just end it by saying no, “nahi”.

The Food

Ask for “samosas”, “pakodras”, “bhel puri”, “kababs (any kind)” if you want light lunch items or appetizers.

Dinner items include

  • Masala (any kind)
  • Butter…
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