Create and Edit Your Favorite Channels With DISH

Here I’ll explain what a favorites list is and how it’ll enhance your experience.

What are Favorites Lists?

These are lineups of your favorite channels. You can create and change the lists, adding and removing channels as you wish. Your channels can be grouped into up to four lists.

  • When using a Favorites List, the Program Guide and Browse Banner display only the channels in the Favorites List. When you use the remote control UP or DOWN ARROW to change channels, the receiver skips channels that are not listed.
  • The All Chan list contains all the channels including channels not in your current subscription. You cannot make any changes to the All Chan.
  • The All Sub list contains all the channels in your subscription. You cannot make any change to the All Sub, except by changing your subscription.
  • The All HD list contains all of the HD channels in your subscription, as well as over-the-air digital channels if your receiver is connected to an over-the-air antenna.
  • Each has a unique…

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