Delicious Heights in Berkeley Heights

While in New York City, we took the train to Newark, NJ to meet friends for dinner. They wanted us to experience Delicious Heights restaurant. In every way, this Berkeley Heights establishment was a delicious surprise.

No reservations are accepted by Delicious Heights, so we were lucky to be early enough to avoid a line. We seemed to time it just right between seatings. As this restaurant’s reputation grows, we hope it will adopt a more conventional reservations approach.

Upon entering the restaurant, its design, decor, and lighting were exceptional. It felt like we were still in New York City. Space was laid out to accommodate families, couples, groups – you name it. Obviously, attention to detail was made in every aspect of this establishment.

When I reviewed the Delicious Heights menu, it was so varied and extensive that I was concerned they were offering too much. Offerings included appetizers ranging from mozzarella sticks to pierogies to dim sum, entrees ranging from meatloaf,…

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