Disney Store Gift Guide Review

Girls and women love to shop. A favorite family stop in the mall is generally the Disney Store. Whether you are going to Disney Land, Disney World, on a Disney Cruise, or are just having a fun princess or Mickey Mouse party, the Disney store is a fun place to look around and buy interesting things that you don’t see every day at your local discount store or online.

Tough financial times, however, require many stores to lower their prices. While previously, some guests of the Disney Store found it to be too pricey, things are beginning to change! This store used to have a bad reputation for high prices, but they often have $5 sales to off set the other bigger items in the store that might cost more. The best time to shop at the Disney Store is after a season when they are clearance out their old inventory. The worst time to shop there is Halloween and Christmas when costumes and other items are in high demand. However, the day after Thanksgiving is the one day when you may find very…

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