Explore Traditional Italian Flavors At Casabianca NYC

Authentic Italian in NYC

No, you need not visit Italy just for a meal! Thankfully there are a bunch of restaurants around that let you taste authentic and traditional dishes of Italy right here in New York. While there are a number of average Italian places mushrooming all over the city, Casabianca NYC is the ‘ristorante’ to enjoy a traditional meal. It is a family restaurant that invites you to savor reinvented recipes oozing typical flavors of authentic Italian dishes.

The menu at Casabianca was curated to introduce the real-deal Italian to food lovers in New York. They have a lot of secret Sicilian recipes that will simply bowl you over. Going by the reviews, their Grandma slices are to die for! Just one bite of their slices and you’ll be coming back for more very soon. Garlic Knots and Parm Hero are among the most popular dishes on the menu. Also, they never go wrong with their pasta sauces- Vodka, Alfredo, or Bolognese- all of which are made fresh and in-house…

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