Ghana Life: A Few Popular Dishes

Every country has its popular dishes that the natives eat every day and visitors are curious to try, perhaps for the first time. Ghana is no exception to this rule, and in spite of much exposure to the world at large the favourites of the ancestors remain the first choices of most people today. In the tourist hotels the standard international fare is available, but if one is fortunate enough to be invited into a Ghanaian home every effort will be made to introduce the local specialities.

In Ghana’s second city, Kumasi, one is likely to be offered the traditional Asante (Ashanti) breakfast, often referred to as ‘red-red’ after the colour of its main components. The basis of this dish in a red bean stew, usually containing a little fish, and ripe plantain, thinly sliced and fried in vegetable oil. This is customarily eaten with gari, made from cassava by fermenting, grating and roasting. Red-red may also be offered in restaurants for lunch or dinner, usually with roast chicken and…

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