Grow A Garden – Enjoy a Multitude of Benefits by Growing Your Own Food

1. Gardening is a healing activity. The Earth vibrates at an amazingly healing frequency. Working in the soil exposes us to the negative charge the Earth emits, grounding us and among other things helps us rid our bodies of free radicals. In our modern society we have insulated ourselves from the healing vibrations of the Earth with oil based products like asphalt, rubber, plastics and insulation found in and around all our homes and commercial buildings. When we do take time to enjoy the out-of-doors, many of us are shod with rubber bottomed shoes and rubber gloves. By using cotton gloves and leather soled shoes, time spent gardening will expose you to all the healing vibrations of the Earth.

2. By growing your own food you can avoid all the toxic chemicals saturating food purchased from the grocery stores. Allergies, cancers, infertility, autism, and many other maladies are on the rise. How many of them are due to the saturation of pesticides, herbicides, round-up, and synthetic…

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