Healthy Eating For a Balanced Lifestyle


The three gunas or qualities of Nature are sattva (purity or transcendence), rajas (activity and distraction), and tamas (inertia or ignorance). These qualities are present in all foods and have a profound influence on the mind and spiritual development.

Tamasic foods are processed, artificial, devitalized, overcooked, or putrefied. Not only do they destroy physical health, they also promote spiritual unconsciousness, psychological unhappiness, and violence. Examples include canned foods, white sugar and flour, alcohol, and factory meat and dairy.

Rajasic foods are stimulating and develop active qualities. These foods are not necessarily harmful, and are often strengthening and useful for the body. In excess, they can create disturbance in the mind and emotions and desire for worldly things. Examples include spicy foods, garlic, and meat.

The sattvic diet promotes and peaceful, clear mind. As things that are similar in nature increase one another, the foods that make up…

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