History of Romertopf and Reco Clay Pots

Romertopf was established by Bay Keramik in 1966 and first shown to the world during the Hanover World’s Fair in 1967. Over the next year Romertopf clay pots and bakers were shown throughout the German country at various fairs and conventions with much success. Reco, a north American company, was given full rights to distribute Romertopf clay bakers and clay pots in the US in 1974 and has since been the sole distributer in North, Central, and South America. The Romertopf clay bakers were met with a resounding public due to its ability to lock in nutrients using only water.

The pots are soaked in water prior to use and this is released as steam during the cooking process. This locks in moisture and prevents the natural flavor of the meal from escaping or changing. Best of all the Romertopf clay pots require no additional oils or fats to be used. In fact most of the fat on meats should be trimmed off the ensure better results and an even healthier diet. Romertopf clay pots are made to…

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