Homebrew Beer Trivia

Trivia is popular the world over. TV gameshows, those little Trivial Pursuit cards they leave out on tables in diners to amuse yourself with while waiting for your meal, everyone loves to know little pieces of information that their friends can be impressed with!

With that in mind, how about some facts on a subject we all enjoy: good beer!

I’m sure you’ve been the recipient of a watered down beer. You know the types of bar that do it. Well, if the bartender had tried that in Babylonia circa 1750 B.C. then the law stated he should be drowned in his own brew! One way of making sure they didn’t do it again!

Everyone also knows the story of the pilgrim fathers and their landing at Plymouth Rock. But a little known historical fact with regard to them is that the only reason they stopped there instead of heading further south was that the beer supplies on board had run out! Thanksgiving may never have happened if they had brought more brewing supplies and homebrew recipes with them!


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